Candidates wishing to participate in the Free Spirit Airlines Pilot Cadetship
Selection Process must comply with the following:

1. You must obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) from the Civil Aviation
Safety Authority. (If you already hold an ARN proceed directly to step 2).

If you don’t have an ARN, you need to complete a CASA application form (Form 1162).
You should forward the form, together with a clear and legible copy of one piece of
identification to CLARC. You can forward these papers by mail to CLARC, CASA,
GPO Box 2005, Canberra ACT 2601, by fax to 1 300 737 187 (+61 2 6217 1899 if faxing
from outside of Australia) or by scanning and emailing as a jpeg file to
To access Form 1162, copy and paste the address below into your browser:

Note-you need to have an ARN before you can proceed to step 2.

2. The applicant must undergo an aviation medical examination with a Designated
Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) and obtain a Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
with no restrictions. (Corrective eye lenses permitted).

You should visit: for the Designated Aviation
Medical Examiner (DAME) nearest to you.
The applicant must accept charges associated with this medical examination.

3. Provide copies of following documents by email to:
Please type: Pilot Cadet in the subject line

-Year 12 High School (or equivalent) results, with passes in: English, Maths and at least
one additional academic subject.

-Evidence of Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or permanent Australian residency.
(Applicant must have unrestricted legal rights to live, study and work in Australia.)

-Class 1 CASA Aviation Medical Certificate with No Restrictions.
(Corrective eye lenses permitted).
Note: Temporary Class 1 Medical certificate issued on the day of examination by Designated
Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) is acceptable.

-Personal up to date CV including photograph

Upon review of the above by the Free Spirit Airlines Pilot Selection Board, applicants
will be notified if they have been successful in progressing to the interview stage.

Interviews will be held in Melbourne.