Candidate Selection Process

The applicant must undergo an aviation medical examination with a Designated
Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) and obtain a Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
with no restrictions. (Corrective eye lenses permitted).
The applicant must accept charges associated with this medical examination.

2.Aptitude Test
Free Spirit Airlines will administer a 30 minute written examination.
This examination is designed to test the applicant’s suitability to work in a complex aircraft
cockpit environment and will include a variety of questions and topics, including general
mathematics, verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning and behavioural questions.

A standard pre-employment interview will be conducted.
The applicant will be asked a variety of questions relating to:
Study/work history, career aspirations as well as behavioural questions.
Documentary evidence of work/study qualifications will be checked at this time.

4.Notification of Result
Free Spirit Airlines Pilot Selection Board will notify successful applicants and subsequently
forward Free Spirit Airlines Pilot Cadetship Contract.

Following a ‘cooling-off’ period and subsequent payment of fees, the applicant will
commence pilot training.